Product Info & Size Guide

Unless stated as "Deadstock" or brand new, all our products are in used condition. We try our best to show the condition of the products as exactly as possible through the product description and product pictures. By purchasing a product you agree to purchase it in the presented condition. Any flaws or defects that we're previously shown on the product page are no subject to complaint. However you can return any unwanted item without further reason within 14 days (see 
Shipping & Returns)

Condition Chart

5/10: item in very bad overall condition and seriously damaged | has large obvious flaws

6/10: item in very used condition | obvious signs of wear | serious flaws or stains

7/10: item in good wearable condition | obvious signs of wear | pilling, flaws or small stains possible

8/10: item in very good wearable condition | minor signs of wear | minor flaws possible

9/10: item in flawless condition

10/10: item new | Deadstock

Deadstock means old stock from the 90s and early 2000s in brand new condition. This means the items are original Vintage items in brand new condition. Something you rarely find today!


Please note that we try to state the sizes of our products according to modern size standards. As the tagged sizes of old clothes vary in actual size from brand to brand and age to age, we feel like this is the most efficient way to secure you find the products that actually fit you. Still you can't avoid minor variations & tendencies, so It's only our recommendation. If you receive an items that doesn't fit you at all, you can return it within 14 days. Please check our Return Conditions.

If your wish for measurements, please don't hesitate to message us through IG or!